‘Semiha Berksoy Catalogue Raisonné’ is the most comprehensive book of the Turkish opera singer, primadonna, painter, actress, performance artist and poet, Semiha Berksoy (1910- 2004). The publication has been prepared of all the accessible works of the artist from the early works of her childhood and youth to her latest works, and from her sketches at the Fine Arts Academy to her masterpieces. Edited by Derya Yücel, designed by Vahit Tuna and richly illustrated, the catalogue offers texts by Zeliha Berksoy, Levent Çalıkoğlu, Ferit Edgü, Dikmen Gürün, Beral Madra, Rosa Martinez, Dieter Ronte, Robert Wilson and Derya Yücel on Semiha Berksoy’s artistic practice and life. ‘Semiha Berksoy: Catalogue Raisonné’, published by Galerist and Revolver Publishing with the support of Odeabank.